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The McMichael is located in the picturesque village of Kleinburg, Ontario.

Founded by John Kline in 1848, Kleinburg is nestled amidst the Humber River and is surrounded by spectacular vistas and views. Reminiscent of years gone by, the village is alive with Canadian traditions and architecture, beautifully restored buildings, and is home to various local galleries, boutiques, design,
home decor, book and gift shops.

More information about Kleinburg.

Headwater HikesHeadwater Hikes

The McMichael offers both a Headwater Hike and a cycle activity along a second-order stream in the upper reaches of the Humber, a Canadian Heritage River.

Plan a Hike

Click here to download the Ontario Headwaters Institute's Headwater Hikes description and map.

Click here to download a McMichael trail map.


Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation Photo Contest

Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation Photo Contest

The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, the Professional Photographers of Canada, and the McMichael Canadian Art Collection are holding a photography contest to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Ontario’s Greenbelt!

Take your camera—either traditional or your mobile phone’s—and snap photos of the diverse people, scenic places, and irreplaceable wildlife of the nearly two million acres of the world’s largest permanently protected Greenbelt. Submit your photos for a chance to have your entry exhibited at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, home to artwork of some of Canada’s most well-known artists, and to be taken on tour across the Greenbelt in early 2016.

The entry deadline for this contest is now over. Visit for updates on contest winners and exhibition dates.

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