Arctic Exposure: Photographs of Canada's North

TERENCE KOH: tomorrow's snow and a way to the light

June 6 to 13, 2014

World Premieres by Terence Koh. Produced and commissioned as part of the Luminato Festival.

tomorrow's snow and a way to the light

Taking place at 9:30 pm each night on the gallery grounds, tomorrow's snow is a beautiful performative piece that will recreate the look of freshly fallen snow, with an 8-year-old boy and girl, dressed in white, making snow angels. 

Note: Please be advised that the ground to the presentation site is uneven and the audience members will be seated on blankets on the ground.
the blankets are provided, along with assistance in managing the terrain. The presentation is 8 minutes long


As part of a way to the light, Koh will plant a tree near the Artists' Cemetery as a memorial to Emily Carr.


Cost: Tickets to the performance are free and the gallery is open until 9 pm at a special rate of $10 per person. 

Designed by Terence Koh and presented on a bed of coconut flakes in a round keepsake box signed by the artist. Delicacies will include onigiri, strawberry summer mochi ball, and angel cookies. Cash bar will be open from 6:30 to 9 pm.

Transportation: Bus leaves from the steps of the Metro Centre Wellington Tower, 200 Wellington Street at 7 pm sharp and returns downtown by
11 pm. Fee: $10. Click here to purchase shuttle tickets.

York Region Transit has extended their bus schedule along Route 13 from Steeles Ave. and Islington Ave. (click here to download Schedule)

Extended Hours: The gallery will remain open until 9 pm.


tomorrow's talks

8:15 pm Free presentations in the Grand Hall prior to each performance by a variety of artists covering aspects of snow, the Arctic, the environment, storytelling, Inuit culture, music, and more. 


June 6: Terence Koh – Inauguration ceremony of a way to the light.


June 7: Emily Carr: Sarah Milroy in conversation with Terence Koh

Milroy and Koh will discuss their affinity for the life and work of Carr as a longstanding inspiration. 

Sarah Milroy is the former editor and publisher of Canadian Art magazine and former chief art critic of the Globe and Mail. Today she continues to write for the Globe and Mail. Canadian Art, Walrus and Border Crossings, and has contributed essays to publications on Canadian artists Greg Curnoe, Jack Chamber, Fred Herzog, Gathie Falk and Mary Pratt. Milroy is currently co-curating a major retrospective exhibition of Emily Carr, set to open in November of this year at Dulwich Picture Gallery, UK, in collaboration with the Art Gallery of Ontario. For the tomorrow’s talks presentation series, Milroy engages in conversation with Koh about his affinity for the life and work of Carr as a longstanding inspiration.

June 8: Derek Kwan- excerpts from Winterreise

Winterreise Projekt reconceptualises Franz Schubert’s celebrated song cycle “Winterreise” into a distinctly Canadian landscape that interstitially incorporates the contemporary, the public and the private. This iteration of the project features the choreography of William Yong (Zata Omm Dance Projects) and the music direction of Jialiang Zhu, in an in-depth exploration of physicality, dance and the themes of “Winterreise”. 

Toronto-based Derek Kwan is an actor and classical singer working at the intersection of theatre, music and movement. He has performed in oratorios, operas, and theatre productions in Canada, Taiwan, China and Thailand, and has been nominated for 2 Dora Mavor Moore Awards. 

June 9: Martha Wainwright in conversation with David Buckland and Tom Rand of Cape Farewell on Artic Journeys and other adventures

In 2008 Martha Wainwright joined the Cape Farewell expedition to West Greenland along with fellow musicians Feist, Laurie Anderson, KT Tunstall and other artists and scientists.  On this extraordinary journey she composed a new song which she will perform.  Cape Farewell director David Buckland will show film clips of the expedition and join Martha in conversation to discuss with Tom Rand the issues climate change, the Arctic reality, and the important perspective artists bring to this important subject. 

Martha Wainwright is a Canadian musician whose music melds genres of folk, rock, country, and chanson singing. Wainwright joined Cape Farewell for their 2008 Disko Bay Expedition.

David Buckland created and now directs the Cape Farewell Project, he is a designer, artist and film-maker. 


Tom Rand is a global thought leader with a recognized record of extraordinary achievement in the promotion of a low carbon economy. A green entrepreneur, investor, advisor, public speaker, and author, Rand’s ambition is to help bring clean technology to life. Tom is: the Cleantech Senior Advisor at MaRS Discovery District; the founder and director of VCi Green Funds; Managing Director of ArcTern Ventures; a co-developer of Planet Traveler, the “greenest hotel in North America"; and the author of both Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit: 10 Clean Technologies to Save Our World and recent bestseller Waking the Frog: Solutions for our Climate Change Paralysis.
Tom speaks publicly about the issue because it is his belief that we have yet to have a serious, public conversation about the threat of climate change, and the economic opportunities afforded by the global transformation to a low-carbon economy.

June 10: Lynnette Postuma - "I wuz there" exhibits in review from Grow Op 2014

Relating themes of precipitation - both water and snow - Postuma will outline two recent installations featured at the Gladstone Hotel's Grow Op 2014 exhibition: "water wuz here" (by Lynnette Postuma) which intended to visualize the process of evaporation, and "Vernal Pool" (by Karen Abel with Jessica Marion Barr) which was a participatory art project about place and precipitation.


Lynnette Postuma is a landscape architect living and working in Toronto who is interested in urban water issues and is constantly curious about how people interact with public space.

June 11: Carol Devine and Wendy Trusler – The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning

Devine and Trusler will introduce, discuss and deliver excerpts and experiences chronicled in their co-authored publication The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning. Regarded as a food and cultural history book, the title cleverly nuances the references of “cooking in a makeshift kitchen at the bottom of the world” and the simultaneous environmental cleanup expedition to a small island 120 miles off the Antarctic Peninsula.

Carol Devine is a human rights advocate and activist with interests spanning gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS prevention, awareness and visibility. Devine is the project manager of the Museum of AIDS in Africa (MAA). 

Wendy Trusler is an interdisciplinary artist, designer and food stylist who was the camp cook and artist-in-residence for Project Antarctical II in 1996 at Bellingshausen, South Shetland Islands.


June 12: Sharona Adamowicz-Clements – Arctic Exposure: Photographs  of Canada’s North

Canadian identity is strongly tied to the North, yet impressions of this vast, remote, and desolate place have largely been formed through the viewing of photography. Nearly two hundred years have passed since photographs of the Arctic were first taken; a history marked by considerable cultural shifts and changes in image making and production technologies. Sharona will discuss the exhibition Arctic Exposure: Photographs of Canada’s North which brings together images made between 1881 and 2013 and reveal an ongoing fascination with the peoples, places, and mythologies of the North. 

PLEASE NOTE: This talk has been postponed.

Please join us at 8:15 pm for a private tour of the Permanent Collection of Group of Seven, Inuit and First Nations art.

June 13: Laakkuluk Williamson-Bathory – Storyteller and Mask Dancer

Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory is an artist based in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Drawing on her Greenlandic roots and love of language, Laakkuluk tells stories of the Arctic as a homeland. Her stories are infused with Inuit mythology, musings on gender and equality and a landscape filled with rocks and ice. She is also a performer of uaajeerneq - Greenlandic mask dancing. This challenging and hilarious clown act implicates its audience in a visceral exploration of human expression. Laakkuluk’s performance has taken her all across Canada and internationally. 


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