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The SEED Collective

Until April 22, take part in an ongoing interactive, cell phone-driven initiative that lets you plant a SEED and grow a virtual tree! Come see what it’s all about!

SEED was developed in 2005 as a project by Toronto-based artist Napoleon Brousseau and his two technologist friends, Gabe Sawhney and Galen Scorer, and co-produced by the Canadian Film Centre. It has been presented at several venues around the world and the McMichael is SEED's very first public art gallery appearance.

This winter and spring, the McMichael celebrates the artistic, cultural, and natural aspects of the tree with two breathtaking exhibitions, special installations, and variety of Tree-related activities for all ages, every weekend! It's all part of:

Tree Project logo

The Seed Collective - Napoleon Brousseau

This McMichael tree was specifically designed by technological artist
Napoleon Brousseau for the gallery's interactive SEED Collective installation.




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