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Mary Pratt: Allusions

June 30 to September 30, 2007

Newfoundland-based, nationally acclaimed realist painter Mary Pratt is renowned for her beautiful, sensuous still life paintings, Two of these paintings, Glassy Apples and Peach Compote provided the inspiration for two editions of the outstanding Japanese woodblock prints developed by Pratt in collaboration with Japanese master printmaker Masato Arikushi of Vancouver. These wonderful prints are the primary focus of Mary Pratt: Allusions.

The exhibition comprises selected prints from the Transformations series of woodblock relief prints resulting from this collaborative partnership with Arikushi. For this project, the artist chose to limit her selection of images by using a single still-life theme – studies of fruit. The thematic approach employed by Mary Pratt provides an overall visual continuity to reinterpret the presentation of common objects in new and engaging ways. Ultimately this process has resulted in a series of delightful, creative Japanese woodblock prints, twelve of which are included in this exhibition.

In addition to the remarkable prints selected from the Transformations series, this current exhibition includes eleven process prints produced at various stages in the development of the final works. Also on display and complementing Mary Pratt: Allusions, is a complete set of the forty woodblocks used in the creation of just one of the prints for the Transformations series. The inclusion of these woodblocks provides a rare opportunity for viewers to appreciate the complexity of the printing process required for successfully executing this series of images.

The exhibition is supported by the Harrison McCain Foundation.

Glassy Apples

Mary Pratt, (Canadian b.1935)
Glassy Apples, 1994
oil on canvas
46 x 51 cm
Bequest of Harrison McCain, C.C.
The Beaverbrook Art Gallery
Fredericton, NB, Canada
Photo: Roger Smith

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