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Favourite Forty: A Special Exhibition of Personal Favourites

March 11 to June 11, 2006

As part of the McMichael’s fortieth-anniversary celebrations, gallery visitors were invited to choose their personal favourites from among sixty popular artworks in our permanent collection. Their votes have now been cast and the tally taken! The result is Favourite Forty, a special exhibition based on our visitors’ choices.

Each person responds to a work of art differently, some are touched emotionally, others favour depictions of landscapes, others prefer realism and yet others, abstract paintings. It is perhaps interesting to note that the final selection for this exhibition reflects, and is fully representative of the scope of the McMichael’s permanent collection.

Illustrated here are the three paintings that received the highest number of votes; the originals of these and other chosen works are displayed in the exhibition. Most of the artworks comprising Favourite Forty are on view in Gallery 7 although a few are to be found in other galleries on the lower level. The chosen works are all identified by number, ranked in order of their level of popularity, making them easy to find as you look to see if your personal favourite is included in the display.


Mt. Lefroy

Lawren Harris, 1885-1970
Mt. Lefroy, 1930
oil on canvas
133.5 x 153.5 cm
McMichael Canadian Art Collection
Purchase, 1975
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In Algonquin Park

Tom Thomson, 1877-1917
In Algonquin Park, 1914
oil on panel
63.2 x 81.1 cm
McMichael Canadian Art Collection
Gift of the Founders, Robert and Signe McMichael
In Memory of Norman and Evelyn McMichael
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Sunset in the Bush

Frank Johnston, 1888-1949
Sunset in the Bush, c.1918
oil on canvas
102.2 x 78.9 cm
McMichael Canadian Art Collection
Gift of the Paul Rodrik Estate

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