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Meryl McMaster

Meryl McMaster (b. 1988) is a Canadian-based artist and a BFA graduate in photography from the Ontario College of Art and Design. She is the recipient of numerous awards and distinctions, including the Canon Canada Prize, the Nora E. Vaughan Award, and the Ontario College of Art and Design Medal, Photography. Her work explores questions of identity, representation, perception, myth, memory and the environment.

In-Between Worlds explores the mixing and transforming of my bi-cultural identities—Aboriginal and European. This series addresses the idea of liminality, of being betwixt and between cultural identities and histories. In-Between Worlds is a sequence of moments that appear out of the ordinary and can be interpreted as being in an ethereal or otherworldly state. I created talisman and prop-like sculptures that become extensions of my body that suggests a collaging of identities. In-Between Worlds is a dialogue in which the viewers question themselves and the world in new ways.

Meryl McMaster

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