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Janet Morton

Janet Morton (b. 1963) is a Guelph-based artist who has exhibited extensively throughout Canada and abroad. Since 1992 she has been producing conceptually based work, using knitting and sewing symbolically and subversively. In addition to the enormous items of clothing in the current exhibition, she has executed projects such as a cosy for an entire house, and garments for tropical zoo animals. Despite the humorous notes in much of Morton's work, it frequently touches upon social issues such as homelessness, colonialism, and excess.

Memorial was inspired by the jumbo icons along the Trans-Canada highway, such as the Wawa Goose, the Jellicoe Snowman and the Big Nickel. I wanted to examine the contradictory space these beloved symbols occupy in our cultural landscape by making my own monument to Canada and then juxtaposing it with public sculptures and statuary. In 1992, this dirty hand-knit work sock was draped and photographed on a number of statues in Toronto, including the Boer War Memorial on University Avenue, in the lap of Queen Victoria at Queen's Park, and on the Henry Moore sculpture in front of the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Janet Morton

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