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Jane Eccles

Jane Eccles (b. 1949) was born in the Ottawa Valley but was raised in many places in Canada and she spent summers in Hants County, Nova Scotia. She is a seventh generation Canadian and she feels this has informed her work. She has lived in Bowmanville, Ontario for thirty seven years, and has exhibited in Southern Ontario for the last thirty years.

In 2005, Jane Eccles referenced a gift that she had received in 1983. It was a black beaded 1920s dress. She hung it in her 1865 farmhouse window and waited for the light to bring the dress's architecture to life, and used it as a subject for her first dress painting. For one reason or another, fifty dress paintings followed, and still continue, depicting real dresses worn by women she admires.

This is a poetic project for me—it’s not about fashion, but rather, about lives lived and how the women try to make their lives beautiful, often through handmade garments. I am the bridge to the lives of these extraordinary Canadian women. I paint their special garments packed away in memory.

Jane Eccles

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