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Ingrid Bachmann

Ingrid Bachmann (b. 1958) is a Montreal-based interdisciplinary artist whose work explores the complicated relationship between the material and virtual realms. Her installations and projects have been presented at conferences nationally and internationally. She is currently an Associate Professor in the Studio Arts Department of Concordia University and the Director of the Institute of Everyday Life.

My work is polymorphous and multidisciplinary. I work across a range of materials, techniques, and ideas. My work tends to be less about invention than observation and amplification. I often work in existing sites, or with found or discarded objects, as well as life forms, such as humans, hermit crabs, and tectonic plates.

I try to highlight the extraordinary in the everyday. I often work with technology, but am interested in the idea of tender, even pathetic, technology; to use technology for ends that are not necessarily productive, in the usual sense of the word.

I see my work as an artist akin to the job of a dowser?searching for improbable, if not impossible, things...that are out of sight but present in the world around us. I am interested in the technology of magic employed by amusement parks, travelling circuses, and nomadic evangelical tent preachers.

Ingrid Bachmann

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