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Farheen HaQ

Farheen HaQ (b. 1977) is a Victoria-based visual and media artist. She works in video, installation, performance and photography to explore cultural inscriptions of the body, gender, ritual and gesture. She was born and raised in the Niagara region of Southern Ontario. She has degrees in International Development from the University of Toronto, Teaching at the University of Ottawa, as well as a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts from York University.

My art practice investigates the body as a site of experience and performance, as a way to activate space. My artistic practice of video installation and photo-based work, where I use myself as a subject, is a way for me to exert my agency and create expansive spaces of possibility.

Endless Tether records an intimate gesture between two people expanded to the scale of landscape. The simple exchange of cloth is wrought with political, sensual, and meditative qualities. The tension in the fabric oscillates between being a protective veil and a restrictive rope.

Farheen HaQ

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