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Cathy Daley

Cathy Daley (b. 1955) lives in Toronto and is an Associate Professor at the Ontario College of Art and Design. She has been exhibiting her work throughout Canada and internationally since 1980, and her work is in numerous collections, including those of The Art Gallery of Ontario and The National Gallery of Canada. Fashion, femininity and its accoutrements feature strongly in her work, and her “little black dresses,” in particular, have become an iconic presence in contemporary Canadian art.

Drawing on persistent cultural images inspired by ballerina tutus, the garb of fairy-tale princesses, and Barbie doll couture, my work investigates childhood memories of what it means to be female in western culture and explores cultural representations of the feminine and the body. The drawings mine contemporary vocabularies of glamour, fashion, popular culture, cartoons, street signage, Hollywood cinema, fairy tales, and mythology to examine the iconography of the feminine, as it exists in the cultural imaginary, personal memory, and fantasy.

Cathy Daley

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