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Camal Pirbhai

Camal Pirbhai (b. 1973) was raised in Switzerland, and trained as an artisan in soft furnishings in London, England. There he learned the art of hand-sewing curtains and the intricacies of window embellishment. Today, through his Toronto based Studio LaBeauté, Pirbhai caters to the luxury market, creating high-end window treatments for elegant international settings. He also runs The Bespoke Gallery in Yorkville, which focuses on fine art, which he produces in collaboration with other artisans and artists.

Concerning his collaboration with other artisans, Pirbhai states that "each collection is a further interpretation of what home decor could be; the way haute couture interprets what clothing could be." Inspiration for Untitled Leather came, he says, from "lunch at Joso's [restaurant], as well as the "plunging neckline of the waitress and the spine of the fish left on the plate." Four people worked on this piece in Pirbhai's atelier for a total of fifty-six hours.

Inspiration for Untitled Branches, the artist explains, comes from "Bette Midler at the Wolsey Hotel, sitting over from us and, the next night, by Rihanna at the Sanderson Hotel. Two completely different people, but both equally famous. I interpreted a branch pattern four different ways on the same piece." Six people worked on this piece for a total of sixty-eight hours.

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