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Ana Rewakowicz

Ana Rewakowicz (b. 1966) is an interdisciplinary artist born in Poland, currently living and working in Montreal, Canada. She works with inflatables and explores relations between temporal, portable architecture, the body and the environment. Her art crosses into many disciplines including invention, design, architecture and performance, and has been shown nationally and internationally.

The SleepingBagDress Prototype involves a multi-purpose kimono dress that, when inflated, changes into a cylindrical container inhabitable by one or two people. It operates on a small computer fan powered by NiMH batteries, charged by a solar panel incorporated into the dress itself.

The SleepingBagDress Prototype looks at the portability and self-sustainability of a wearable cell, comfortable as both a dress and a temporary shelter, and was used in walking performances in Mexico City, Mexico (2003); Toulouse, France (2004); Brussels, Belgium (2004); and as part of the International Symposium of Electronic Art in Tallinn, Estonia (2004). The video documentation of these performances is presented together with the dress.

Ana Rewakowicz

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