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Read a Story - Pegi Nicol MacLeod



Life beyond the window

by: Anonymous

It's been a long snowy day and Pegi is tired of being indoors. This is a P.A. day and her parents are both working. An only child, Pegi goes to a school downtown, far from her house and none of her friends live close by. Although the apartment is small and confining, the large window in the dining room allows a view of the red brick building across the street and showcases the lives of neighbours at 115 McCardle Street. As Pegi looks out the window, she imagines herself running down the hallways of the large building knocking on doors to find someone to play with her. But her parents told her not to leave the apartment. The family is new to the neighbourhood and there have been lots of muggings in the area.

The building houses 40 families and is vibrating with activity.

In one window, Pegi sees a mother and her three children getting ready to bake cookies. Pegi begins to think about the ingredients they will need. Chocolate chips,
flour, eggs ...

A second window reveals a young couple getting ready to go outside. The woman has a fluffy black fur coat and a funny yellow hat with pom poms. The man is wearing a thin sweatshirt. The woman is pointing to her coat and hat
as if to encourage her friend to dress appropriately for the cold weather. He dismisses her with a wave of his hand and motions her towards the door.

In a third window, Pegi sees a robbery in progress. There are two women dressed in black from head to toe and they are searching for something in the apartment. It looks like they are arguing about something. Pegi notices that the women are fighting over a black briefcase. Pegi calls the police to report the robbery. After ten minutes, police cars pull up to the building and four police officers rush inside. Twenty minutes later, the policemen come out of the building dragging the two women behind them in handcuffs. The women are kicking and screaming as they are loaded
into a police car.

Then Pegi hears a key turn in the lock and her mother and father walk in the door. “How was your day honey?” her parents ask. “Did you do anything interesting?” “No”, Pegi answered. “It was a totally boring day.”


Pictured Above:
Pegi Nicol MacLeod , 1904-1949
Young Girl at the Window , date unknown
oil on canvas
80.7 x 68.5 cm
Purchase 1985
McMichael Canadian Art Collection


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