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Art VentureThe McMichael has been running one of the most successful summer camps for more than two decades, filled with art, nature, and fascinating stories about Canada and its culture.

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2015 Session Schedule

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2015 Programs

Imagination at Play Ages 5-6
Imagine a story, play out a story! This camp will encourage campers to exercise their imagination through guided storytelling activities, puppets, props, and instrumentmaking, and, in the end, through the presentation of their original play for family and friends.
New! Colour Laboratory Ages 5-6 & 7-8
Check out all the colours of the rainbow in this program that will bring the science and art of colour closer together. Learn how to decode the meaning of colour and use it to express emotions and ideas in this fun-filled program exploring various media, from drawing and painting to collage and printmaking.
Birds, Bugs, and Bears! Ages 5-6
Imaginations run wild as campers discover the habitats of various tiny, small, and large creatures through the exploration of the McMichael grounds and art collections. Back in the studio, inspired by other Canadian artists’ treatment of this subject matter, campers will be given an opportunity to create two- and three-dimensional art based on their adventures.
Super Sculpture Ages 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, & 13-15
Enter the zone of endless possibilities of the third dimension. Campers will challenge their imaginations and defy gravity to create their own spatial compositions inspired by the McMichael’s sculptures. One of the most popular ArtVenture programs, the camp adapts the medium and the level of difficulty to the age and skill levels of the campers.
New! Art on the Move Ages 5-6
Engaging various learning styles, this program is designed to build an awareness of how important the arts are in everyday life. Campers will learn new and fun ways to examine art and nature, and will get hands-on with unconventional and unusual art activities. No sitting around this summer. Get up and get moving!
Painting the Big Picture Ages 5-6, 7-8, & 9 -10
Working on paper and canvas in acrylics, watercolour, and other age-appropriate materials, campers will paint, paint, and paint! Only the McMichael can provide such a variety of subjects and techniques, including the gallery’s specialty experience: en plein air painting
Art Explorer Ages 5-6 & 7-8
Specifically designed to nurture your child’s creativity, this camp takes full advantage of the McMichael’s collections and grounds to engage various art-making activities, while leaving campers plenty of time to play and socialize.
Get Wild! Ages 7-8 & 9-10
In this program, campers will have the chance to be spontaneous, use their intuition, and get wild! Campers will explore the Humber Valley and the natural environment with knowledgeable guides and respond to this experience in an artistic way by creating twoand three-dimensional projects back in the studio.
New! SmARTs Ages 7-8 & 9-10
It’s time to rethink art! Campers will explore both traditional and non-traditional art-making practices to understand how art functions today. Public sculptures, flash mobs, and mural art will all be explored, while themes about content, community, and collaboration will be incorporated. This intervention will have campers thinking outside of the white box.
Painting Masters Ages 11-12 & 13-15
Based on the gallery exploration and studio workshop, this class will focus on various modern and contemporary painting techniques, subject matters, and styles to further develop campers’ talents using acrylic and watercolour paints. Emphasizing the artistic process from a preliminary drawing to the final canvas, this camp is a classic skilldevelopment challenge that ser
New! Space Illusions Ages 7-8 & 9-10
Explore what it takes to create inspired art by examining the illusion of space! Campers will engage with the McMichael Collection to discover how to create positive and negative space in their work and will uncover artists’ secrets on perspective, while creating works that play on the impression of distance, two- and threedimensionality, line, value, and size. It’s all about deceptive perspective.
New! Art Intervention Ages 11-12 & 13-15
Reclaim the art scene by challenging artistic traditions. Using non-traditional art practices, campers will speak out about social issues that affect them. They will design graffiti works that communicate to everyday people, installations that make a statement, and stencil art that causes change, all while letting the street be their gallery.
The Artist and the Wilderness Ages 9-10 & 11-12
The McMichael’s natural surroundings form a wilderness garden that offers an exclusive opportunity for campers to experience nature up close and personal. Nature appreciation and ecological awareness will be the objective of this program in which skill-building, nature drawing, and painting activities will be complemented by innovative art projects using recycled and natural objects.
Animate THIS! Ages 11-12 & 13-15
Campers will create their own characters and then bring their ideas to life. Participants will learn all the basic principles of animation and cartooning, including how to make facial expressions, create objects and move them, how to make things bounce, stretch and compress, and fall and explode! This course covers all the basics of two-dimensional/classical animation with some threedimensional application.
Pop Art! Ages 9-10 & 11-12
Explore popular culture and its place in our wild, wired world. Using bold colours and modern forms of expression, campers will consider how advertising, television, social media, and the news can affect how we look at the world. This popular workshop will encourage campers to develop their own wacky style, while discovering the history and effects of pop art.
New! Balancing Act Ages 11-12 & 13-15
Perform a balancing act by playing with design. Deconstruct composition to learn how harmony, emphasis, proportion, and rhythm are created in both two- and three-dimensional works. Campers will challenge themselves to create drawings, paintings, and sculptures that balance elements of design and principles of art.
McMichael’s Extravaganza Ages 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, & 13-15 (download brochure for age specific details)
Get up close and personal with the McMichael Collection and its staff. This week is separated into three levels designed specifically for each age group and will include tours, hikes, storytelling, and, of course, remarkable art making. Each year the McMichael reveals unique characteristics of the gallery and its history, then has campers respond through the creative process. This spectacular session will leave campers awe-inspired!
New! Artist’s Toolbox Ages 13-15
Campers will learn the tricks of the trade by working closely with a practised artist and take their skills to a whole other level! Participants who are looking to start an art portfolio, or add to a current portfolio with works that showcase their talents, will spend this week learning from a pro. Campers will have an opportunity to ask questions, get tips, and refine their abilities in a safe and interactive space. Artists enrolled in this program will spend their summer filling their toolbox
New! Digital Photography Ages 13-15
Cell phones, iPads, cameras! Technology is everywhere. Campers will explore the world around them through the camera lens and learn the basic principles of creating digital images of their camp experience. Campers will learn new methods of using new technologies to create their own picture-perfect shot and learn how to incorporate their imagery in their artworks.

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